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Use Booking Insights to get a real time data overview of the performance of your vacation rental business.

Booking Insights by Bookster - Get an in-depth perspective of your bookings and customer data in a glance

Provides a management overview of your bookings including sources, the length of stay and how far in advance reservations are made. Then compare all your properties next to each other to pick out poor performers and take action!

Insights Data - Insights data to provide management information on booking and customers.

Phase 2: November 2018

A new feature has been added to the Insights tool, and we’re excited to tell you about it! Now you can enter into your insights and identify at a glance the occupancy rate by percentage for every holiday let property in your portfolio!

The goal here is to highlight to you which of your properties are doing well, and which are not. Then we leave it in your hands to create your strategy to most benefit from those high performers, and what extra work you need to do to increase the occupancy rate.

You can see this all in the property management system, within the Insights section. Simply filter with a 'Date Uptake: from' date and a 'Date Uptake: 'before' date. This will show a percentage of occupancy for all people within the property between those two dates.

Phase One: April 2018

Bookster Insights brings you a powerful management overview of your property portfolio. It provides data analytics into your property portfolio, including occupancy, latency and length of stay to help you assess your high and low performing properties!

Use this data to add to your in-depth knowledge of your customers and reservations to make strategic decisions to improve your revenue in the future. 

Below we detail just some of the features that you will be able to use within this data tool. 

Booking Sources

Where are your bookings coming from?  

Which OTAs or Channels are nailing it for you and which are worth ditching or need attention? Now your can see this information in a glimpse! Put away that spreadsheet or finger in the air gut feeling... 

Assess your Booking Sources by:

  • Number of bookings
  • Revenue

Length of Stay

Ever wondered how long your guests stay and how that varies per property?  

Use Bookster to view your bookings broken down by the number of nights guests spend at each of your properties.

Booking Latency

How far in advance are your Guests booking?

Avoid the "I have no bookings and it is three weeks until peak season!" panic - view a profile graph to understand when your bookings are placed.

This information will help you plan your marketing drives and anticipate when you will fill the gaps in your bookings.

Property comparison

Identify under-performing or high-performing rentals.

View each property in context with others in our portfolio and compare against your average performance.

  • Total Bookings
  • Average nights
  • Average value
  • Total value

This information will show you where you need to drive marketing campaigns to boost your reservations, and allow you to review your pricing for both high and low performers. 

We hope that this tool provides you with the insights you need to help your business grow. If you need any further information on this tool, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Here at Bookster we are dedicated to developing and enhancing the features we provide to give your the best property management software to grow your business. Keep an eye on our blog for new features or sign up for our newsletter. 

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