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Get a real time overview of the performance of your vacation rental business.

Booking Insights - Get an overview of your bookings

Get an overview of where your bookings are coming from, how long Guests typically stay and how far in advance they are booking. Then compare all your properties next to each other to pick out poor performers and take action!

Time to get your finger well and truly on the pulse

Latency - How far in advance do your Guest book your vacation rentals? (© Tribalogic 2018)

Bookster Insights brings you a powerful overview.

Booking Sources

Where are your bookings coming from?  

Which OTAs are nailing it for you and which are worth ditching or need attention?  Find out now.

Put away that spreadsheet or finger in the air gut feeling... find out now where you are getting your bookings from!

Assess your Booking Sources by:

  • Number of bookings
  • Revenue

Length of Stay

Ever wondered how many guests are booking 7 nights?  

Use Bookster to view your bookings broken down by the number of nights guests spend at your properties.

Booking Latency

How far in advance are your Guests booking?

Avoid the "I have no bookings and it is three weeks until peak season!" panic - view a profile graph to understand when your bookings are placed.

Plan your marketing drives and anticipate when you will fill up.

Property comparison

Identify underperforming or over-performing rentals.

View each property in context with others in our portfolio and against your average performance.

  • Bookings total
  • Avg. nights
  • Avg. value
  • Total value
Length of Stay - How long are your Guests staying at you vacation rentals (© Tribalogic 2018)Compare properties - Compare property performance against each other and an average (© Tribalogic 2018)Filter bookings - Filter bookings on date range, booking source, property id and much more (© Tribalogic 2018)
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