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  • Two factor Authentication (2FA) launch - Two factor Authentication (2FA) launch, with image of a desktop and mobile phone with a padlock icon, and a home. (© 2021 Bookster)

    Two Factor Authentication

    Bookster Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds additional security, to prevent an unauthorised 3rd party from accessing your account.

    Bookster is designed to help you manage your owners' and guests' needs, and using 2FA provides an important layer of security.

    Read more about how to set up your 2FA.

  • Attract bookings with ease - Attract bookings with ease, with holiday rental and full calendar icons.

    Attract Bookings

    How do you attract bookings to your self-catering properties?

    At Bookster we focus on tools and services to help you in your tasks to attract bookings.

    Read on to find out more!

  • Holiday booking software developments 2021 - Holiday booking software developments 2021 with logo of Bookster

    Holiday Booking System Developments 2021

    We built many new developments in 2021 as part of our commitment to designing a better experience for managing holiday rental properties.

    We are constantly evolving our software to help attract bookings, manage guests and manage bookings with ease.

    Read on!

  • What is Google Search Console? - What is Google Search Console? Two illustrated people talking and pointing at a chart with a magnifying glass and a cog.

    Google Search Console guide

    A brief guide to using the Google Search Console and how it can help you attract more guests. It's free to use and can yield big results.

    At Bookster we provide strategies to attract more guests and using the Google Search Console Is a great way to achieve these goals.

    Have a look!

  • How to attract guests for Valentine’s Day - Wondering how to attract guests this Valentine’s Day? We have various tips to help you attract more guests to your holiday home this Valentine’s Day!

    How to attract Valentines Day guests

    The Valentine's period often creates a surge of demand. What techniques are best for attracting optimum bookings?

    At Bookster we care about helping you attract the best bookings for your properties.

    Read on to find out tips on how to fill those calendars!

  • What is Book Direct for holiday rentals - Answering the question of what is Book Direct for holiday rentals and self catering properties.

    What is Book Direct for holiday rentals

    Discover our insight into 'Book Direct' for holiday rentals, given in the interview with Damian Sheridan of the Book Direct Show.

    Attracting direct bookings is an important part of attracting bookings to your self-catering properties.

    Read on for our definition.

  • How to attract guests to your holiday home this Christmas - Tips for attracting your guests to your holiday home in time for Christmas

    How to attract Christmas guests

    Christmas is a peak time for attracting bookings. So what are the strategies for attracting profitable bookings to your properties?

    We focus on supporting you to attract new bookings and filling your calendars with the right bookings.

    Read our tips on how to fill festive calendar dates.

  • 3 tips to increase direct bookings in holiday homes - Top tips to support your self-catering business strategy in increasing direct bookings

    3 Tips to increase Direct Bookings

    We pulled together 3 great tips to help you increase your direct bookings and shared them with Damian Sheridan of the Book Direct Show.

    We work closely with clients to help by providing guidance to attract more bookings, including increasing direct bookings.

    Have a read!

  • Short Stay Week 2021, 25-26 November 2021 - Short Stay Week is a digital conference that will be held from the 22-26 November 2021 to help you get the most out of your holiday rental business.

    Short Stay Week 2021

    The Short Stay Week of 2021 invited 150+ speakers covering every aspect of the holiday bookings industry.

    Bookster presents at international industry events, sharing tips and techniques to help you attract guests, manage your owners and manage your bookings.

    Read more details about the points we covered!

  • Smart Rates Pricing Suggestions by AirDNA - Bookster launches Smart Rates Pricing Suggestions by AirDNA in the Max packages

    Smart Rates Pricing Suggestions

    Get pricing suggestions from AirDNA when setting your rates

    Smart Rates by AirDNA helps you attract guests by optimising your rates and services from right within your Bookster software. No need to log into 3rd party systems!

    We've added Smart Rates to help you attract bookings with ease.

    Learn how to spot the best opportunities to earn higher revenue for your business.

  • Thanks for customer feedback 2021 - Image of 2 lightbulbs with 'Thanks for your feedback."

    Customer Questionnaire Summary 2021

    Our yearly client questionnaire feedback for 2021 is in!

    We are always looking to improve to ensure that our software will help drive your business to attract more bookings, manage your guests and manage your bookings.

    Take a look!

  • The Booking Direct Success Summit 2021 - The direct booking success summit 2021 will be held online free of charge running from 16-18 November. Bookster will be presenting on 16 November 2021.

    The Direct Booking Success Summit 2021

    At the Direct Booking Success Summit 2021, we covered ‘Use your Superpowers to beat the OTAs’.

    Our tools are designed to help your business attract bookings, through working with the OTAs (or channels) and your own self-catering website.

    Read more details here.

  • Vitur 2021 conference Malaga - Vitur 2021 conference will be held in Malaga, Spain. Bookster will be presenting in the panel on 29th October 2021.

    VITUR 2021

    At VITUR 2021 we answered 'How Property Managers Can Compete With OTAs to Drive Direct Bookings'.

    We have built Bookster to help you attract bookings, through driving direct bookings to your own website.

    Check out our summary and notes from the event.

  • Prevent bad guests booking holidays with you - Tips and guidance to deter bad guests from booking their holidays in your rental home

    Prevent bad guests booking holidays

    Preventing bad guests can be a struggle but with this blog, we hope to change that in 4 easy steps.

    Bookster wants to help you attract bookings, of the right guests. Our partnership with SUPERHOG helps prevent bad guests, fraud, and damages to your vacation rental.

    Find out more!

  • Holiday booking trends for holiday rentals - Analysis of August 2021 holiday bookings, for 2021, 2022 and 2023 trends for holiday rentals

    Holiday booking trends

    Holiday trends are ever-changing. Keep up with these trends to know more about how this could affect your bookings.

    At Bookster we provide the best features to maximise your bookings from our availability calendar to our guest area.

    Learn how holiday trends can optimise your bookings!

  • Fully responsive online bookings calendar - Newly developed fully responsive online bookings calendar from Bookster

    Responsive Calendar Widget

    Bookster's Booking Calendar Widget is a responsive, Javascript-based calendar widget, easily placed on your non-Bookster websites.

    We're dedicated to providing your guests with a great booking experience, no matter what website you use.

    Find out more!

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