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  • Bookster and TurnoverBnB partnership - Bookster and TurnoverBnB

    TurnoverBnB and Bookster partnership

    Bookster now partners with TurnoverBnB, allowing you to provide your guests with excellence in less time.

  • What is Google Search Console? - What is Google Search Console? Two illustrated people talking and pointing at a chart with a magnifying glass and a cog.

    A guide to using google search console.

    A brief guide to using the Google Search Console and how it can help you attract more guests. It's free to use and can yield big results.

  • 5 tips for more direct bookings in holiday rentals - 5 practical tips to support selfcatering managers and holiday rental property owners who want to attract more direct bookings through their own website

    5 tips for more direct bookings

    4 mins read

    It is crucial that property managers attract website bookings; but how do you do it? Check out 5 tips to help you attract more bookings.

  • Let's Get Direct presentation - Lyle Markle (Art Director) and Robin Morris (Director) from Bookster presenting tips and techniques to attract Direct Bookings

    Vacation Rental Event: Let's Get Direct

    4 mins read

    Watch the replay as Robin Morris and Lyle Markle share their insights on how to attract direct bookings for self-catering homes.

  • 3 tips to create holiday lets website: Bookster - An introduction from Lyle Markle from Bookster of 3 tips to create a holiday lets website

    3 tips to create a holiday rentals website

    4 mins read

  • Image of a laptop and a cup of coffee

    I've got a website, where are all my bookings?

    4 mins read

    Having a website is great - but getting that website to perform requires a little more love.

  • Direct bookings

    5 reasons to target direct bookings

    When seeking to fill your holiday rentals, why are direct bookings so important?

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