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  • Two factor Authentication (2FA) launch - Two factor Authentication (2FA) launch, with image of a desktop and mobile phone with a padlock icon, and a home. (© 2021 Bookster)

    Two Factor Authentication

    Bookster Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds additional security, to prevent an unauthorised 3rd party from accessing your account.

    Bookster is designed to help you manage your owners' and guests' needs, and using 2FA provides an important layer of security.

    Read more about how to set up your 2FA.

  • Holiday booking software developments 2021 - Holiday booking software developments 2021 with logo of Bookster

    Holiday Booking System Developments 2021

    We built many new developments in 2021 as part of our commitment to designing a better experience for managing holiday rental properties.

    We are constantly evolving our software to help attract bookings, manage guests and manage bookings with ease.

    Read on!

  • Thanks for customer feedback 2021 - Image of 2 lightbulbs with 'Thanks for your feedback."

    Customer Questionnaire Summary 2021

    Our yearly client questionnaire feedback for 2021 is in!

    We are always looking to improve to ensure that our software will help drive your business to attract more bookings, manage your guests and manage your bookings.

    Take a look!

  • Prevent bad guests booking holidays with you - Tips and guidance to deter bad guests from booking their holidays in your rental home

    Prevent bad guests booking holidays

    Preventing bad guests can be a struggle but with this blog, we hope to change that in 4 easy steps.

    Bookster wants to help you attract bookings, of the right guests. Our partnership with SUPERHOG helps prevent bad guests, fraud, and damages to your vacation rental.

    Find out more!

  • Automate marketing emails to channel and ota guests - Send personal and automated emails to channel and ota guests

    Automate emails for OTA guests

    The Online Travel Agents (OTAs / Channels) obscure your guest email addresses, but you can now email them with your personal messages.

    We build Bookster tools to help you create and nourish guest relationships and email communication plays a major part in building these strong relationships.

    Find out more!

  • Flexible Automated Emails for holiday homes - Using Flexible Automated Emails helps property managers with holiday homes to build strong guest relationships.

    Flexible Automated Emails for Holiday Homes

    Why should you use Automated Emails? We cover 11 ways that Automated Emails will help your business, and guide you on how to get started.

    At Bookster we have dedicated Email Marketing tools to support you with your Guest Management. Building relationships with guests is key to growing your business, as it shows compassion, understanding, and openness towards them.

    Come take a look!

  • SUPERHOG and Bookster, the online holiday booking system partnership - Bookster, the online holiday booking system has partnered with SUPERHOG, protecting holiday rental managers up to £5 million.

    SUPERHOG and Bookster

    Try Bookster integration with SUPERHOG, providing biometric recognition, ID verification, screening, and up to £5 million protection.

    SUPERHOG technology complements Bookster as it aids in attracting bookings and supports guest management.

    Read more, and try it today.

  • Quick guide: Automating Emails - Automating emails for holiday home owners and vacation rental managers.

    Automating Emails

    Spending too much time sending emails? Our automated email marketing feature saves you time to focus on other areas of your business.

    Building relationships with guests is crucial to managing guests. At Bookster we help with our email marketing feature to ensure your build these relationships both at the point of bookings and arrivals/departures.

    Find out more about how automating emails can help your business!

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